Yujin choo girl 1 purple finish copy
SELENE : LEAPER : Jump to dodge incoming fire or to quickly traverse narrow barriers.
Yujin choo girl 2 blue finish copy
PHOEBE : PORTALEER : Drop tow portals that you can move and shoot between.
Yujin choo girl 3 green finish copy
IRIS : DASHER : Instant boost of speed to cover a lot of ground really quickly.
Yujin choo girl 4 orange finish copy
CARMEN : BUILDER : Conjur a small destructible block in front of you that reflects shots.
Yujin choo guy 1 purple finish copy
??? : This hero is in development.
Yujin choo guy 2 blue finish copy
??? : This hero is in development
Yujin choo guy 3 green finish copy
EPI : JOKER : Make it seem as if you bumped into a random spot.
Yujin choo guy 4 orange finish copy
PROTEUS : SCANNER : Deploy a scanner drone that reveals nearby foes.

Indi Online Game INVISIGUN HEROES concept art.
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